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Welcome to the website for "The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards"

Written by NathanStar and illustrated by Izzy Ivy.

These cards are aimed at supporting the intuitive development of children of all ages through literacy, mindfulness, meditation and visual stimulus. Intuitive Development empowers individuals to accept, appreciate and love themselves for all that they are and all that they have, with flow on benefits into their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


These cards can be shuffled and read like other oracle cards. What makes these cards unique is that each card has its own unique QR Code on the back. These can be scanned by Smartphone or tablet and link link its own audio and text description and guided meditation.


Following on from the development of these cards, we aim to develop curriculum-based resources for schools, establish children's, parents' and teachers' support networks and facilitate personal and professional development sessions. Through this website, you can learn more about how these cards work, find out more about the artist and author, upcoming news via our blog and stay informed about the overall journey of these cards.


Thank you for your support.


Blessings and love,

Nathan and Izzy

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