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A special project like this is not the result of just artist and author working together but everyone who believed in and supported our cause. 

Acknowledgements From Nathan

Special thanks to my Wife Kumiko for her eternal love and support. My Sons Gintaro and Kotaro for reminding me to play and have fun. My mentor and friend, BelindaGrace for the beginning of my journey and beyond. Katrina Bart, Ange Ginis, Fi Weatherhead for the continual inspiration and encouragement to thrive. Izzy Ivy for sharing my vision and bringing these words to life. 

Bernadette O'Rourke for the enchanting harp music for this project. Ryan Tourner for the time, energy and magic invested into engineering the audio. My group of Intuitive and Inspired Stars, Leah Barthel, Donald Presto, Archangel Gabriel and my team of Celestial Friends.

Acknowledgements From Izzy

Special thanks to Eli for his paralleled journey of spiritual support and insight. For Tobius for inspiring me with the wonders of oil paints and seeing me as the artist that I am. To Azlyn for keeping my lap warm and of course Nathan for seeding this harmonius adventure and the perfectly synchronistic unfolding and evolution of this project. Gratitude to every being who has believed in me and given me the space, support or opportunity to enable this to unfold in as high frequency, free-flowing way possible.


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