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About The Artist

Izzy Ivy hails from the UK and she is a passionate and consistently creative individual whose talents are spread across many mediums and many projects. Izzy finds her inspiration through her connection to Spirit and many of her works portray her unique otherworldly connections in a playful and accessible aesthetic.

Izzy’s creative journey began in the design of theatrical costume and puppets, which then evolved into several years’ experience running her online business, “Zizzyfay,” which captured the essence of the fantasy realm and represented it through the design of faery inspired clothing.  As part of her diverse journey, Izzy has also travelled the world extensively and has honed her skills as a Reiki Master and as a circus performer.

In more recent years, Izzy discovered oil painting, which has become her medium of choice for bringing her stories to life, from one realm to another.
Izzy describes her art process as an evolution and expression of her experiences that are similar to the process of an energy healing. She describes it as allowing herself to fall in to a trance-like state, which could be in some cases, either a full image or abstract experience, which is channeled, interpreted and unfolds, much like a journey that develops every step of the way.

Since discovering her passion and talents just over a year ago, Art has become the literal centre stage of Izzy’s life. Izzy expresses her artistic talents through elaborately crafted oil painted creations and fast acrylic live art, which captures the energy on stage at festivals and music events. Izzy is continuing to seek out her journey through artistic mediums; to explore and evolve her endless creativity - exhibiting as much as she can, spreading her wings, and sprinkling some magic as she goes.


Izzy is also the Author and Artist of the "Beyond Lemuria" Oracle Cards (2020) and the upcoming "Unveiling the Golden Age" Oracle Cards (2021). 

For more information on Izzy Ivy and to view samples of her artworks, please visit her website at

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