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Before Using These Cards

Each of these cards has energy in them which responds to the energy that is within you too. When you touch, shuffle and choose your cards, your energy mixes with the energy of the cards, meaning that the perfect card is chosen every time.

Before using your cards it is important that you cleanse your cards of the energies that they have mixed with.  Some ways can do this are by placing a Clear Quartz crystal on top of your cards, or holding them with your eyes closed and imagining white light from your hands going into the cards.

Dedicating These Cards

1. Hold the deck of cards in one hand and use your other hand to give them a knock three times to clear the energy.
2. Pass each card through to your other hand, fan them out in front of your chest and take a deep breath, breathing into the cards.
3. In your mind or out aloud, ask that these cards bring you clear messages and guidance.
4. Your cards are now ready to use. 

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