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Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Explore Your Options Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Explore the world within you and around you. Life has so many beautiful things to offer you, and life is about taking different steps, and learning and growing from them. When you are presented with different options in life, whether it be day to day or on special occasions, a door opens and it is your choice to walk through them. Exploring the world is about walking through open doors that you feel and think are the best for you.

When you explore the different things in your life, you are telling the world that you are grateful for the things that come to you and that you are willing to accept the magical things that come into your life. Exploring is about walking down the road that might not always be known. Sometimes those around you might try to influence you in the choices that you make, but everyone has different needs, which means that everyone’s experience of life is different. So just because someone may try and choose a path for you, it is up to you to decide. Options and opportunities in life might come in the form of events, people, places and situations and it is up to you to ask yourself and walk a path that your heart agrees with.

Being free to explore life itself, gives you the power to fill your life with lots of wonderful things. Sometimes people might get worried that because they don’t know what is waiting for them behind a door, they shouldn’t look or walk through it. Unless you take a chance and walk through a door that your heart says ‘yes’ to, it might just shut and you won’t find out what was waiting behind it. Life is about choices and surprises and when you are able to enjoy these, you’ll be able to look forward to every moment of your life.

Life is full of possibilities that offer you amazing ways to appreciate life and to learn fabulous things which you can share with your friends and family. If you ever need assistance with options and decision making, you can ask your angels and special friends because they stay with you for your entire life to watch over, guide and support you.

You can make up your own way to ask your angels and special friends for guidance on exploring the world. Here is an example of what you could say:
“Dear my angels and special friends please help me to recognise the beautiful things in my life. Please guide me to make the best choices and to walk through the doors of life with bravery and courage, because I know that life has so much to offer me.”

Connecting With and Exploring Your Options

1. Find a relaxing place where you can sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and breathe in and out nice and deeply.
3. Imagine that you are walking in a forest, where you can see many beautiful trees and flowers.
4. As you continue to walk through this forest, you come to an opening where there are two paths going in different directions.
5. Looking at these two paths, you notice that one of these paths has golden yellow lights which light the way. The other path has no lights and appears foggy and it is hard to see what is down there.
6. These two paths represent two different choices which you can make on your journey today.
7. Think of a choice that you need to make in your day today. It could be anything. Maybe it could be a choice that you need to make about where to go and what to do.
8. Thinking about this choice, do you see it as the lit up path or the foggy path?
9. Ask yourself how you feel as you look at both of these paths?
10. Notice the feelings of a tight stomach as you look at the foggy path and notice the feelings of warmth in your heart as you look at the lit up path.
11. Even if you have not been down either of these paths before and you are unsure of what awaits you on both, deep down inside, you know that it is safe for you to go down the path that you feel safest on.
12. You feel confident, happy and peaceful in your decision and you take the first step towards exploring a new path in your life.
13. As you continue walking the lit up path, you enjoy what you feel, hear, see, smell and think.
14. Continue walking through this forest in your mind as long as you need to and when you are ready to return, take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.
15. Write down your experiences in your journal so that you have something to remind you of what decisions feel the best for you to explore.

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