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Fun Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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There is fun to be had everywhere in every corner, in every activity that you participate in. There are fun ways of doing everything, and we would like to remind you about what a joy it is to play and enjoy yourself. Fun is something that can be always had, and fun is the way of the angels!

Sometimes life can get so busy or full of going from one place to another, that some people can forget to have fun in the process. Life isn’t about rushing from place to place and only worrying about the end result of where they are going, but it is about enjoying every step of the way. This is a magical journey that you have embarked on, and there are so many amazing things out there for you to enjoy.

Fun is what brings out the playful side of you. Fun is what brings you back to your true self, because when you have fun, your soul shines like a rainbow and it brightens everything up along the way. Fun can be had in different ways, so have a think about the things that you enjoy, and have a think about the things, that you might not enjoy so much. There are different ways to express yourself and it is through these, that you are able to be creative and explore different outlets for you to laugh, play, and smile.

Have a go at trying to see the goodness in everything. Turn your boredom to excitement through your imagination. For example, you can try turning your chores into a game against yourself. You can invite others to join you to share in your fun. You could even make up your own game. Just so long as you let go of any worries and you step back inside yourself and really enjoy the moment.

To remind you to have fun, call in your angels and special friends. They love to join you when you play. Here are some things that you could say to help remind you about having fun:
“Every day is a new opportunity to enjoy myself.”
“I enjoy each moment because there is always fun to be had.”
“There is a fun way to do everything that I do in my life.”

Inspiring the Fun in Your Life

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit and write in your journal or diary.
2. Close your eyes and imagine an ideal day of fun.
3. Notice what you see, how you feel and what you are thinking of as you imagine.
4. Write this story, detailing the events, your feelings and the things which you have engaged in to have fun.
5. As you write this story, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong. Write your story in as much detail as you can.
6. Read over your story when you have finished writing, paying attention to the feelings that come to you as you think about fun.
7. On a new page or piece of paper, write down a list of some of the things which you can do to have fun.
8. Cut out each of these things and shuffle them, picking out one at random.
9. Read out the idea of fun and you can choose to participate in this idea or activity if you can, or if not, simply close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it.
10. Keep a journal of the fun things that you have been doing.
11. Each day, you could write a new story about fun and continue to add some of your ideas and thoughts on fun to your list.
12. As you increase the fun that you have in your life, you will also feel happier, more relaxed and good about yourself.