Growth Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Growth Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Growth is not only about the growth in size and getting taller on the outside, but it is also about the growth that happens on the inside. Growth is about understanding that everything in your life happens for a reason, because there is something important for you to learn. Whether you realise it at the time or not, growth happens in lots of different ways.

Some of the ways that you may grow on the inside might include:
- Growing in courage as you overcome your fears, maybe if you are a shy person you spoke in front of your whole class or school,
- Learning how to be braver and stronger through trying new things, like if you were to try out for a new sports team, or
- Learning how to say no to a friend who might always ask you to do a lot of things for them.

Growth is about recognising the things that are going on in your life and understanding that changes do occur for the best interests of everyone involved. Sometimes you might find yourself making friends with different or new people, taking an interest in different things, or thinking differently about everyday life after some personal growth has taken place. This is okay, because it just goes to show that you are learning and changing and what you expect from yourself and others is also changing. When growth happens, it is common for some old things to be let go, as this makes way for welcoming in new ones. Growth takes place at a personal level, in your own heart and mind and it is all a part of your life journey.

Growth happens to each and every person, however, it is not your job to make someone grow, because everyone experiences and learns from life in his or her own way and at their own pace. Remember that you are here to teach everyone in your world through being able to demonstrate and show how you live your life. The ways that you act, speak and think, are just some of the many ways that you represent the growth that takes place within you at every moment.

Growth and change continues to take place in cycles. Old patterns and thoughts are recognised, released, and renewed into wonderful and exciting new things in your life. Life is forever moving forward and changing, and nothing stays still. Be like a beautiful butterfly, ready to emerge from your cocoon. Your angels and special friends are here to support you through your changes.

Appreciating Yourself Exercise

 1. Find a place where you can relax quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out nice and deeply.
3. Imagine yourself standing tall as a tree.
4. Imagine tree roots growing out of the soles of your feet, connecting you to the Earth beneath you.
5. Feel yourself growing taller, stretching yourself high up into the space above your head.
6. As a tree, you grew to this size over a period of time. Today is an opportunity to think about how much you have grown in different areas of your life.
7. The first part of this exercise helped you to understand growing in physical size and now we will look at other ways you have grown.
8. Think back to a time where you first learnt something new in your life. For example, learning a new sport or hobby, riding a bike, tying your shoelaces or writing a story.
9. How did it feel the first time you tried this activity? Picture this memory in your mind and notice your feelings at the time.
10. Imagine this first time you tried this thing be like when a branch begins to grow on a tree.
11. The branch begins to appear and over time it gets bigger and leaves appear.
12. Think about your activity and some of the different things that you achieved. Remember the first time you started improving? How did you feel? Were you proud of yourself?
13. As you see and feel yourself getting better and better at this activity, picture your branch getting longer and bigger with leaves growing on it too.
14. Any mistakes that you had made could be imagined as leaves falling off this branch. When the time is right, new ones will appear and they are a symbol of your growth and your learning.
15. This gives you a chance to show yourself how grateful you are of yourself and how much you have learnt to get to where you are today.
16. Take your time to let these images and feelings appear.
17. If there is another activity that you would like to reflect on today, you can repeat this visualisation exercise, otherwise you can gently return to your physical surroundings.
18. When you are ready to return, wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
19. Write down your experiences in your journal.