Honesty Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Honesty Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Being honest to yourself and others is a very loving thing to do. When you are honest, you are free to speak what is on your heart and mind, without worrying about how those around you will respond. Coming from a place of honesty is the freest feeling, because it helps you to be natural in expressing your needs and expressing yourself. Sometimes it might seem tricky to say what you really mean without upsetting someone. While it might seem peaceful to see someone else happy with what they hear, remember that you need to think about yourself first.

Honesty can come in many different ways. It could be in the way that you talk about yourself or others. It could be how you describe your feelings about yourself or another situation. Honesty might call out to you in the activities that you choose to do. Remember that being honest is about having your own needs met. It is about you looking after yourself through sending out what you really mean.

Honesty is a strength and not something to look at as something that can get you into trouble. When you say and do what is true for you, you let yourself and others know where you really stand. In some circumstance this might push someone else’s buttons and they might get upset at what they hear, but remember you aren’t the person that made the buttons that were pressed. Being honest to yourself and others, teaches others to be honest too and gives you the power to walk away from anything that you feel isn’t for you.

There is a whole variety of opportunities, people, places, and things in life. Remember that life isn’t about having things right straight away, and you learn from everything. Honesty can be seen a bit like a lighthouse to a ship at sea. Although the ship is sailing, it’s honesty that guides the ship to where it really wants to be. Becoming more honest with yourself, whether it is with your favourite activities, friendships, lifestyle, schooling, or sports, keeps your heart open to welcome in only the best. As you come from your heart and walk your walk and talk your talk, you become like a magnet for only the best possible things to you.

Your angels and special friends would like to remind you to ask yourself how you feel about certain things in your life. Ask yourself questions and check in with yourself on what you really want. It is safe for you to be honest with yourself because you love yourself.

Honouring Yourself Honestly


1. Find a place where you can sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
3. Imagine that your angels and special friends are walking with you into a cave with a large open area.
4. Feel the ground as you walk into this cave and notice the large pool in the middle of this cave.
5. With every footstep that you take, you can hear an echo of each sound.
6. You stop at the pool of water and you begin to look into it.
7. The water begins to light up, showing that this is a magical cave of echoes.
8. Inside this cave, you are now given the opportunity to stand in front of this pool and work with the magical sound and colour that is available to you.
9. Each time you say something true about yourself, you will hear it coming back to you as beautiful music of any instrument of your own choosing and there will be bright coloured light the pool.
11. For anything that is untrue or doesn’t feel right, the music will sound out of tune and the colours will be dull.
12. Take your time to say out aloud or in your mind, different things true about yourself, others and the situations in your life.
13. If you are unsure of how you really feel about something and would like to find out more about how you really feel, you can say these things out aloud and notice what kind of music is played and colours are shown in the pool of water.  
14. If any of the music sounds out of tune and with anything you do not feel comfortable with, your team of angels and special friends are with you to help show you better ways of understanding.
15. Listen as your team tune the instruments that play the music and watch as the colours return.
16. Spend as much time as you need to in this pool, knowing that this is your private space to visit and work through your feelings and thoughts.
17. When you feel that you are finished in this magical cave of echoes, you give thanks for having the opportunity to spend time in here today.
18. You leave this cave with your angels and special friends and you return to where you are sitting or lying.
19. Take a deep breath and gently open your eyes, journaling your experiences of the cave.