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Balance Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Balance Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle
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Everything that happens each day needs to have balance. If there is no balance, there will be too much of one thing and too little of another thing. For example, just as how you have your own needs in a friendship, your friends have their own needs too. Just as there is daytime, there is also nighttime. With the seasons when the days are hot, there are also seasons where the days are cold. The possibilities keep going!

For one thing to exist, there needs to be the other to make sure that things are equal. Balance is about taking good care of both sides of the scales. Everything needs to be equal to make sure that things run in a smooth way. Can you imagine what life would be like if you went to school everyday and didn't have any time to yourself? Or can you imagine what life would be like if it was always daytime or nighttime? What would happen and how would you feel if you always played the games that your friends wanted to play?


Balance is about being equal so that you can learn about both sides of the story in life. Everyone needs balance, and it is about looking after all the different things that life itself has to offer. If there is too much of one thing and not enough of another, it can affect your life and the relationship that you have with yourself and others, your health, well-being, and overall attitude to living.

Staying Balanced with Your Special Friends

  1. Find a place where you can relax and you won't be disturbed.

  2. Sit or lie comfortable, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths in and out.

  3. Imagine that there is a set of scales in front of you, like the ones on the card.

  4. Ask your special friends to come to you and ask them which parts of your life need more balance?

  5. Sit still, breathing deeply and patiently, noticing what appears on these scales as your eyes are closed.

  6. You may get a certain feeling or a sudden thought about the things needing more balance in your life.

  7. When you have been shown all that you need to be shown, thank your special friends.

  8. Say to yourself;

    "Everything is in perfect balance now."

    "I lead a balanced and healthy life."

    "Everyone’s needs are met and all is well."

  9. Imagine that you are being surrounded in an Orange bubble and the scales are balanced. You feel balanced and you feel great.

  10. Open your eyes, and write down your experiences.

  11. Now that you know what needs more balance in your life, do something to make sure that you are happy and your needs are being met.

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