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I AM Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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I AM Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Think about yourself like a flower. Each time that you say or think something good about yourself, you feed it with magical water that helps it to grow even bigger and it feels happy. Each time you say or think something bad about yourself, you take the water away and it starts to feel sad.

Everyone talks about themselves all the time. Whether it be in a conversation with themselves or others, the words “I Am” are quite common to hear. Sometimes people say good things about themselves, and other times, people feel the need to compare themselves with others and talk about themselves in ways that aren’t helpful. Remember that each time you say something good about yourself, you feel good and the opposite occurs when you say something bad about yourself.

Thinking about this, remember that you are here to learn and to try to do your best in whatever you can. Even though you might feel you can’t do something good enough, remember with practise, any skill can be learnt and you can be just as good at something as you believe yourself to be. The things that you say and think about yourself are like the water that nourishes seeds, while your seeds are like the different qualities about you.

Each time you are proud of yourself, tell yourself how proud you are by saying “I am proud of myself”. Whenever you feel sad, tell yourself that you are safe – “I am safe and all is well.” If you enter in a competition remember that you are doing it for yourself and you are not competing with anyone. You could say – “I enjoy doing my best.”
Be creative, because you can turn any thought about yourself into a nice feeling one.

In any moment, you can say nice things about yourself, which make you feel good. You can also share this with others to remind them how to feel good about themselves too!  Whenever someone says anything to you that isn’t nice, know that it isn’t true, because deep in your heart, you know how amazing that you are. You are the one that is in control of your thoughts, and what you believe about yourself is true, and that’s all that matters.

You can even write down short sentences that you can place around in your home or bedroom that reminds you of the beautiful qualities about yourself. Whenever you look into a mirror, look at yourself and tell yourself how amazing and special you are.

Watering Your Mind's Garden

1. Find a place where you can close your eyes and sit or lie quietly.
2. Breathe in and out nice and deeply and begin to imagine a garden.
3. Notice the sights, smells, sounds and the feeling of being in this place.
4. Imagine that you are holding some seeds in your hand which you begin to place into the soil.
5, All of these seeds may look similar at first, however, these are the seeds of your mind and they represent different qualities of you and your life.
6. Look at where you have planted each of these seeds and think of a different part of you for each of these seeds.
7. Take your time to think of and say something positive about yourself and each of these seeds.
8. Say it as if these seeds are a part of you and say it beginning with the words “I am”, followed by what you want to say about yourself.
9. With each of the words that you say to yourself and these seeds, imagine a crystal white light shining upon these seeds.
10. Feel how good it feels to have this light shining upon these seeds.
11. As you continue saying your positive words to your seeds, more and more light shines onto these seeds and they begin to grow.
12. You watch as these seeds start to sprout.
13. Continue breathing deeply and saying these words as flowers begin to appear.
14. Soon, your entire garden is filled with beautiful flowers.
15. You enjoy the sights and sounds of this garden and with these feelings that you have discovered and you notice that some magical faeries have arrived in this garden.
16. These faeries are here to help you look to after your garden which you have created.
17. Any time which you would like to return to this garden, you can think of these faeries which have appeared in this place and they will help you return here.
18. You thank the faeries for looking after your garden, with a promise that you will return regularly to plant some new seeds and make them grow.
19. When you are ready to return, you can take a nice deep breath, wiggling your fingers, your toes and gently opening your eyes.