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Imagine Card - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Imagine Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Imagination is what creates and expresses your soul. Imagination could be seen a bit like what interprets your deepest dreams and desires and arranges them into a way that can be understood by you. Be free to imagine and know that by doing so, you are accessing a part of you that goes far beyond what facts and figures could ever possibly do. Your imagination is what links you between your world you are awake and another world beyond that. It is through your imagination that you are open to exploring different possibilities of what the world could really be.

When you imagine things, you really are creating, as it takes place through a different part of your mind. Imagination is the part of you that keeps possibilities open to the many options and ways that you have to show the world what you are capable of. Some people grow up thinking that their imagination is silly because it is make-believe, but this is not true. Things that come from someone’s imagination are just as real as the things that they have to prove one thing over another with, and it is from the imagination that all ideas come into the world.

Just as you imagine different possibilities, different ways of living, different ways of being, your heart opens up to all the messages from your greater mind that fill you and give you the power to be inspired. Being inspired is like being driven by the power of love that is within you and around you. It is a love for everything that exists in one way or another.

Sometimes when you use your imagination, the ideas that come to you may seem like they’re out of this world. The things that appear before you are just that amazing! Your angels and special friends assist you in creating marvellous things by giving you excellent ideas that are a blessing to the world.
Be free to imagine, be free to dream, for in doing so, you share wonderful gifts with the world.


Everything starts from a thought and an idea in one’s mind, as nothing comes from nowhere. Remember how powerful you are and remember that it is absolutely fine for you to be still, to daydream and relax, for that is where the magic really happens. Open yourself up to a world of unlimited pathways that can be walked with so much freedom.


There is no right or wrong way to imagine something, just remember what your intention really is. Imagine your angels by your side, imagine yourself happy, imagine yourself protected and imagine yourself safe. Just imagine!

Accessing Your Imagination

1. Find a place to relax, where you can close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out deeply.
2. With each breath, you feel like you are becoming more and more relaxed and you are letting go of anything which you don’t need anymore.
3. Focus your attention on your forehead, at the space between your two eye brows.
4. With your focus on your breath and your forehead, you begin to feel a tingly, fuzzy feeling here.
5. As this feeling continues, begin to imagine there is an eye which begins to open its eyelid.
6. This eye is your magical third eye and it looks right back at you and you imagine yourself giving it a blink.
7. Imagine on your forehead, there are curtains opening, which then show you a blank movie screen.
8. Imagine there is white light shining into your forehead and into your magical third eye and your movie screen to help the pictures in your mind become clearer and easier to see.
9. With your third eye open and your movie screen open, you are free to imagine from a place of calm, peace and relaxation.
10. You are welcome to ask a question to yourself to be shown something today.
11. You could ask for example, “what is it that I need to imagine and see today?” or perhaps if you need to come up with a new idea or way of solving a problem you could ask “please show me a solution to my problem today.”
12. Take your time to think of your question and to ask it.
13. Be patient and continue to breathe in and out deeply while focusing on the front of your forehead.
14. Pay attention to any colours, images and movies that you see in your mind.
15. Watch what happens. Remember there is no right or wrong way of seeing with your mind.
16. Pay attention to the rest of your body. Notice what you hear, how and what you feel and anything that comes into your thinking.
17. Continue for as long as you feel the need to and when you have finished, imagine yourself being surrounded in a cocoon of white energy and light.
18. Begin to wiggle your fingers, your toes, take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.
19. Write down your experiences into your journal or special place.
20. Practice this exercise regularly to get better at using your imagination to help you.

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