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Laughter Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Laughter Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Laughter is the music of joy. Laughter brings out the best in everyone, because laughter represents the lighter, playful side of life. It is through laughter that you engage in the fun side of things, which goes to show that laughter is so much more enjoyable than having to feel serious and tense. Laughter and play is the way of your soul, because it reflects a side of you that is relaxed and simply enjoying what is around them.

When you laugh, your angels and special friends like to join in too, because they like to have fun and share in your happiness. Being cheerful and happy attracts so much more positivity into your life. Knowing how great it can be to laugh, laugh in different ways to connect with the enjoyment in your life. Laugh not as a way to separate yourself from someone or to tease them, but laugh as a way to bring you and others together. Share a joke, share a funny drawing, or watch a funny movie and laugh out loud. Laughing with others is a great way to share your joy with one another.

Laughing makes things enjoyable because it represents an appreciation without an attachment to judging something or someone. Laughing is what expresses and demonstrates this. Whenever you feel sad or upset, find something that will make you laugh. The power of joy can make such a difference! If things seem very serious, things can seem like they are not fun at all, and a good laugh is always what is needed.

Some of you may have heard the saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ Laughter can have a great impact on your health, because the thoughts that you think can add to certain feelings of how well you feel.


For example, if you are feeling grumpy because you are feeling unwell, then focusing only on being grumpy isn’t going to make you feel any better any sooner. Think about ways in which you can laugh it off and turn your attention to something that is better to think about.

Have fun and make every moment something to smile about. There are lots of joyful things to accept as a part of life, and laughter is what can bring you back into your place of love for the world and what life has to offer you.

Laughing Out Aloud

1. Find a place to relax where you can breathe deeply and close your eyes.
2. Pay attention to your breath and let your breath enter through your nose and travel down into your belly.
3. Feel your belly filling with air, breathing out with your nose and feeling the breath travelling up your spine and out through your nose.
4. Place your hands on your belly as you continue breathing deeply.
5. Begin to notice your hands feeling warmer and your belly and hands vibrating.
6. As you hold your hands here, your throat will begin to vibrate as if there is something in there that needs to come out.
7. Hold your next breath in and when you feel like you can’t hold it for any longer, breathe out and say out aloud, “HA HA HA HA HA!”
8. Continue to repeat this breathing and laughing and notice how you feel to make this sound. Become aware of the tingly feeling in your body.
9. With every laugh, your energy becomes lighter and you feel confident, happy and secure.
10. Imagine that with each laugh, there is golden yellow energy and light shining upon you.
11. Every laugh makes you feel more uplifted and all of your troubles, worries and doubts disappear.
12. Continue this breathing and laughing for as long as you feel like.
13. When you are ready to finish, imagine yourself being surrounded in a bubble of golden-yellow energy and light.
14. Begin to wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.
15. Write down your feelings of this in your journal or special place.
16. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel like you need to bring more happiness and laughter into your day.

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