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Magical Miracles Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Magical Miracles Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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There are so many amazing things that happen in your life! Part of the special reason that each of us is here on Earth, is to be able to master our ability to work with the miracles that happen through working with the Universe. Many of us say prayers or make wishes, asking for something to happen or asking for something to come into our lives. This is the first step to working miracles, while the next step is about noticing the answer to your prayers and wishes.

The answer to your prayers and wishes comes in many different forms. It doesn’t always come to you in the way that you expect. You might like to think of your response as an exciting surprise! When you ask for something and only expect it to come to you in one way or form, this can make it seem like what you are asking for is avoiding you or is going unanswered. Miracles work in their magical ways that can’t always be so easily defined. As you open yourself up to the gifts of the Universe and notice them in their many different, possible ways - you are blessed!

Think about it this way. If you were to ask for an order of food or drink from a shop, you would ask the person who was serving you. Then you would wait for them to bring it to you. You wouldn’t worry about which way they walked to bring your order to your table, nor would you walk into the kitchen and follow them with your order back to your table. Think about the miracles in your life as something which you ask for and something which comes to you as it needs to. Miracles happen a lot quicker when you learn to let go and be patient, knowing that everything is already taken care of.

Your angels and special friends are here to assist you in creating these miracles in your life through helping you notice the messages and replies to your wishes and prayers. Ask them out aloud, for a sign that marks that they’ve heard you. You might notice white feathers as your angels’ calling card. You might very often hear the name of your angel or special friend. You might suddenly get an idea about what you asked for. Be open to these many possibilities and be free to follow these messages to make all of your wishes come true.

It is much more comfortable to let go and to know that something is happening rather than worrying about when and how it will take place. You are safe and all is well. Everything that you seek is for the highest good of everyone involved. 

Magical Miracles Meditation

1. Find a place to sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out nice and deeply.
3. Imagine your angels coming to your side.
4. They take you by the hands and together you are travelling higher and higher into the sky.
5. Take note of the things around you getting smaller as you get further away and you go higher and higher.
6. You see the land from up where you are and you can see the ocean too.
7. You continue to pass clouds and travel higher and higher until you reach outer space.
8. Look around you to see Earth and the other planets in this galaxy as they are, in their magnificence and beauty.
9. Thinking of where you have just come from, what you have seen and how far you have travelled to get here, spend a moment to think about how amazing it is just to be out here in outer space today.
10. Each of these planets is so unique and offers an experience unlike any other- its own feel, sights, smells and sounds and through this journey today, you can choose to visit any of these planets to be amazed and inspired by different creations existing in the Universe.
11. Spend a moment to imagine yourself flying to another planet with your angel, and notice what you see in your mind as you do so.
12. Life is everywhere- it just seems to take on a different form to what you are used to seeing on Earth. The planet for example is a life form of its own that has its own way of being, patterns, behaviours and miracles to express.
13. You thank the planet for welcoming your visit and you and your angel leave this planet and now leave this galaxy, allowing you to see many stars and galaxies of all different sizes.
14. You fly in and out, through and around different stars and galaxies and you notice that there are many many planets everywhere.
15. This makes you realise just how big the world actually is. Life is available in so many places and shown in so many ways in this Universe.
16. Having this understanding, it makes you appreciate the things that happen in your everyday life because of how unique and special the world and life you live in are.
17. As you breathe in and out whilst out here in outer space, you breathe in powerful cosmic energy which travels into your body and you feel like you have a refreshed and new way of looking at everything.
18. You make your way back to Earth, passing all the planets and stars, noticing the sky, land and everything around you as you get closer and closer to the ground.
19. You land back into your body and you thank your angel for taking you on this experience today.
20. Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
21. Write your experiences into your journal and each day write down 5 things that you are grateful for.