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Memories Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Memories Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Everything that happens in your life serves to teach you a lesson. Your memories are very precious because it is from your memories that you have something to reflect on to assist you in the present moment. Thinking about your memories, they are the windows to the past that you can think back to for many different reasons. When you think about what you have already learnt and experienced, it’s through your memories that you are able to think of what has shaped your approach your life. It’s the experience of them, that you are able to find yourself, accept yourself and know yourself.

Your memories are your experiences with yourself and with others. There are so many beautiful things in your lives. If you are to think about your memories today, it’s a reminder to think about how you may have experienced something in the past and what you learnt back then, as to assist you in the now. Think about your memories as a way of joining the dots. The things that you bring into your life are results of how you’ve experienced things in the past. Reflecting on the past, rather than focusing on what you found unpleasant, concentrate on what you enjoyed and appreciated most and this will change what happens in the present.

For example, if you’ve had memories that create fearful thinking when you swim in the deep side of a swimming pool, you could change your feelings about that memory to how proud you were for swimming to that end of the pool. Or if you have an unpleasant memory of an argument you had with a friend or family member, think about the times that you’ve shared where you’ve had lots of fun together.

Your memories are special. It’s remembering what you’ve done before that influences what you do today. Whether it be a memory of something that just happened earlier today, or one that happened last week, last year, or several years ago, they’re all just as important as each other. Thinking about how you felt at the time, thinking about how you responded at the time, they all provide you with an excellent opportunity to shape the life that you lead. Whether it be your memory in the classroom or playground, or the memories of special events that you’ve written in your diary, think about these today and take yourself back to those moments and relive the excitement, the joy and the fun. 

Memories From Your Book of Life

1. Find a place to relax and sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out deeply.
3. Imagine your angel coming to your side and holding you by the hand.
4. Your angel invites you to take a walk with them and you walk into a library.
5. Imagine what this library looks, sounds and feels like and have a walk around in here.
6. Your angel leads you over to a bookshelf and takes a book from the shelf to give to you.
7. This is your special book of life and it looks beautiful and it is decorated especially to your liking and style.
8. Inside this book, is a collection of all of your memories that you have experienced throughout your entire life.
8. Your angel opens the book to a page which is the exact page of a memory that you needed to see today.
9. Under the law of attraction, your book of life opens up to a memory from your life that helps to remind you and teach you a reflective lesson to help you today.
10. A movie of a memory from your life is shown to you.
11. Take your time to watch the memory unfold.
12. Pay attention to what this memory is about, who you were with, what you enjoyed at the time, and how you felt.
13. As the memory finishes, ask the positive energy and feelings to return to you and ask your angel to help you discover the lesson that you needed to learn or remember.
14. Ask your angel to send anything that feels unresolved to the light, and watch as they take images representing these things and place them into a tube of white light.
15. The light glows very brightly and the energy from these images from these memories are resolved.
16. You thank your angel for bringing you here today and you return your book to the shelf and exit the library.
17. Whenever you are ready, you can wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and return to your everyday world.
18. Write down your experiences in your journal

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