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Nature Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Nature Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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There is so much beauty in the world that is shown through the natural ways that life expresses itself. Nature brings together all of life and it gives and receives from life. Nature is the freedom to simply be, and to simply live in the ways that were always intended. Think about what is natural to you in your world. Think about the things that flow so easily, and feel so comforting and peaceful. Think about the things that make your heart sing in the world without struggle, without forcing and without arguing. That is what nature could be described as.

Step outside today and simply gaze at the natural world around you. Reconnecting with the outside world or trees, plants, animals, the sea and the sky, puts you in touch with a world that is simply living in its own natural way. The natural world outside you is a reflection of the natural world that exists inside you. This reflects on getting in touch with yourself and what your true needs are, through a connection with Mother Earth and all of life.

Some things in everyday life, like school, weekend activities and spending time with friends and family can take away from the time that we spend connecting with nature. This can lead us to feel like we are too busy for the simple things and for being still. While these things are a part of everyday life, so is the natural world because it is what can help you feel more in touch with yourself.


Treat yourself to some outdoors time to gaze upon the wonders of the world. In nature, everything occurs in cycles. There are its own patterns, which are shown in the ways such as the weather, the ocean tides and day and night. A busy life can lead you to feel out of touch with your own cycles too. So spending time outdoors can help you feel yourself again and in tune with your own cycles, like when you are hungry, tired, or awake and full of energy.

Nature also connects you with special groups of friends that you can meet, from the elemental kingdoms. These beings include dragons, gnomes, fairies, mermaids, and unicorns that are just waiting to connect with you and teach you many wonderful things. Through their help, you can feel yourself again and bless the world with every step that you take. 

Nurturing Your Connection to Nature

1. Find a quiet outdoor place where you can relax.
2. Take your shoes and socks off and feel the grass, dirt or ground pressing on your feet.
3. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out.
4. Feel your feet sinking into the ground beneath you and relax.
5. Begin to walk slowly in a circle. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, walk in an anti-clockwise direction. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, walk in a clockwise direction.
6. Continue breathing in and out deeply as you take each step around this circle.
7.  Keep on walking this circle and begin to think about the air that you breathe.
8. It cleanses your body and mind with each breath and it connects you to your thinking, intelligence and ideas.
9. Imagine Angels and Faeries joining you in this circle as you walk as they are here to support you in using your mind effectively.
10. Continue walking and breathing deeply with these friends of air, as you think about the fire inside of you.
11. This fire inside you connects you to your creativity and is the fuel for special projects.
12. Picture in your mind, a dragon coming by your side to join you to help with creativity.
13. As you walk, you feel a gush of cool energy in your heart which links you to your emotions and the water inside of you.
14. You feel light and quick to move, like water and you imagine a splash of water as a mermaid appears to join you.
15. This mermaid is here to help you understand your emotions in a loving way.
16. Stand still and focus your attention on the ground that you are walking on.
17. As you connect to the Earth, you feel strong, secure and safe.
18. A gnome appears by your side to help you in feeling like you belong.
19. Look up as a unicorn with a bright white horn appears and invites you to walk with it.
20. You walk with this unicorn in a direction opposite to when you first started today.
21. With the unicorn by your side you can see a magical circle glowing in this space which you have used today.
22. Spend as much time as you like inside this circle and know that you are free to return anytime you wish through opening and closing your circle.
23. When you feel like you are finished, give thanks to the guardians of nature who have been with you today and begin to wiggle your fingers and toes, take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.
24. Write down your experiences in your journal.

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