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Oceans Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Oceans Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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The planet is made up of a great amount of water. The human body is made up of a significant amount of water too. Water is said to be the drink of life, as it refills your body’s vital liquids and because it restores oxygen, water is what brings you back to a calm state of mind. Water is all over the world and it is the source of life. Plants grow from water, and so do you. Your cells are replenished as you stay hydrated, through your contact with water. This might be through either bathing or drinking water. Water gives you energy, and water cleanses. Consider how important water is to you, and then consider how important it is to the planet and all of life. Just as it is necessary for your own life, it is also for the rest of the living things on this planet.

Think of how precious water is for your life. At another level, water represents flow and your deeper mind. Water’s surface is so beautiful to look at, and looking at it to see your reflection, water could be seen as a mirror. A mirror that you see yourself in, a mirror that takes you to the depths of who you are. Understand yourself through water, because you are made up of it. Water is the element of your calm self that connects you to your dreamy and inspired character. Water is your expression, just as it is to the planet. The ways the waves move in the ocean are like the calls of the planet, and one of the ways it moves.

Look at oceans and the water as that which has the power to clean and to give birth to new things. The ocean tides demonstrate this very clearly through the ways that the waves move. Just as the current things are sent out to the world, like going along with the waves out to sea, the ocean returns something that is the same or new with the next wave. As the waves of the ocean leave behind glistening sea shells and sand, the ocean has the power to grant your wishes when you are calm and still. Connecting with the ocean gives you a chance to connect with yourself, to find out what you really want and to find out what is beneath the surface of your life.

Spend some time sitting near the ocean or imagining yourself in the ocean, or spend some time in a bath or in a swimming pool, imagining yourself swimming deeper and deeper within yourself. Know that through the time you spend in the water you form a closer bond with yourself in the past, present and future. Call on your mermaid and ocean friends to join you in this wonderful journey that will leave you feeling powerful and renewed.

Connecting With the Ocean, Dolphins and Mermaids

1. Find a place where you can close your eyes and sit or lie quietly and comfortably.

2. Breathe in and out deeply and begin to imagine that you are at a beach on a warm, sunny day.

3. Imagine the feeling of the sand on your toes, the sound of the waves and the crystal clear water before you.

4. Turn your attention to the waves and watch these movements of water.

5.  As you breathe in, the water moves back towards the ocean and as you breathe out, the water comes closer.

6. Continue to watch this water in your mind and breathe to this rhythm as you become calmer and more relaxed with each breath.

7. You begin to walk into the water and start to float in it.

8. Feel the water moving and feel yourself gently moving with this water as you connect with this water and the ocean.

9. In this place, you feel like everything is still and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

10. Focus your attention on your legs and feet, as they start to tingle.

11. Imagine your feet starting to change into a fish tail as you connect with the mer-person inside of you.

12. Naturally, you feel like swimming deeper into the water and you can see and breathe normally under here.

13. A group of dolphins and mer-people appear in front of you and they swim and play with you.

14. You feel very happy and playful with these dolphins and mer-people.

15. When you look at your new friends of the sea, you notice that in the middle of their foreheads, there is beam of rainbow energy shining out.

16. The rainbow energy surrounds you and it forms a beautiful shape around you.

17. You can feel this rainbow energy filling every part of your body and you can hear the Dolphins whispering a message to you.

18. Take your time to notice their message; it may come to you as a voice, picture, feeling or thought in your mind.

19. When you feel that that is all they have for you today, you smile at the Dolphins and mer-people and the rainbow energy surrounds you like a cocoon.

20. Together, you swim back to the beach from where you came and your fish tail magically changes back into feet.

21. You say thank you to your new friends for meeting with you today and they would like you to know that you are welcome back anytime.

22. Leave the water and return to the beach, feeling the sand in your toes.

23. Begin to wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.

24. Write down your experiences in your journal.

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