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Pay Attention

Pay Attention Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Pay Attention Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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There are lots of finer details to notice in front of you. There is much more than meets the eyes and you will find your answer through keeping open ears, eyes, heart and mind. When you are asked to pay attention, perhaps there are more messages than you realise that are guiding you already.

Firstly, become aware of what you are currently thinking. Notice how your thoughts are driven and what things you are focusing on. Notice how you feel, what you see and what you hear. Your angels and special friends are communicating to you in several different ways. Perhaps you might see white feathers around the place, or maybe you may have a sudden idea about the question that you had in mind.


Paying attention is about noticing that things come to you in a wide range of ways and sometimes this even includes ways that you do not yet recognise. Being asked to pay attention is also like being asked to open up and expand your horizons. Pay attention to the finer details, as sometimes what you are asking your angels and special friends might not be recognised by what you are normally used to. Think of how you can be in touch with these special messages and think of how you can be open to receiving their blessings.

Let go of what you believe to be normal and not normal. It is the belief of one thing existing in favour of another that slows down the process of noticing the guidance that your angels and special friends are providing you with. Think about paying attention through being innocent. This means being opening and accepting of experiencing new things as you grow up in this world.  Because of this innocence, you are a special child, no matter what age you turn as you grow up.

Some things may be loud and clear, while other things may be soft and almost hidden. When you focus your thinking on how great it is to notice the special messages going on in your life, then it is like lights have turned on and it makes things a lot easier and more peaceful.


Write down your experiences in a diary or journal and keep track of these special messages, because as you do so, you’ll become more confident in trusting and working with them. Keep talking to your angels and special friends, knowing that they are with you each and every step of the way.

Focusing Your Attention and Concentration

1. Find a place where you can sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Begin to breathe in and out nice and deeply and begin to relax.
3. With each breath in and out, you feel like everything around you is slowing down.
4. Feel your breath travelling in through your nose and down into your belly and up through your spine and out through your nose.
5. Drop all of your muscles and relax your shoulders, neck, arms and legs.
6. Continue breathing and bring your attention to your ears.
7. Cover your left ear and ask yourself “what sounds can I hear?”
8. Notice the sounds you can hear close and far away in the distance.
9. Repeat this with your right ear, covering it and asking yourself “what sounds can I hear?”
10. As you listen to these sounds you can hear, imagine in your mind that you can see what is making these sounds and where it is coming from.
11. Allow your mind to gently wander as you imagine these sounds being created.
12. Focus on the top of your head, asking yourself “what is it that I need to know today?”
13. Notice what comes to mind and pay attention to the thoughts, mental images, sounds and feelings in your body that you experience.
14. When you are ready to move on with this exercise, imagine that you have an Angel that comes to you who takes you to look at a clear window.
15. When you look into this window, imagine that you are viewing a movie of the beginning of your current day or another day that has already happened.
15. You can view this as fast or as slow as you like and you are able to pause this at any time to focus on the details of what is happening in this movie.
16. As this movie plays, you are also free to pause the movie and rewrite the events that take place, as if you were the director of this movie.
17. By retelling the movie in a different way, you are able to recognise some of the things that you may not have noticed when they actually happened.
18. This gives you the chance to change your thinking about the things that have happened and teach you to become more in control of the thoughts that you thought.
19. Take your time viewing the details of these events and enjoy the process.
20. When you feel that you have been shown all you need to be shown for today, begin to wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
22. Journal your experiences and repeat it regularly when you feel the need to refocus your thinking and interactions of your daily life.

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