Healing With Rainbows

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes.
2. Breathe deeply and begin to imagine that you are walking up a path towards a cave.
3. This cave that you are entering is lit up with golden orange light and as you enter, an Angel appears before you and takes you by the hand.
4. As you are guided into this cave, you feel the cave’s warmth and the sense of peace and calm inside.
5. You can see that the walls of this cave glow a shiny white colour, like the colours of a clear quartz crystal.
6. Continuing your journey into this cave, you can see small steps which lead up to a stone bed.
7. Your Angel friend guides you to lie down on this bed.
8. As you look straight up from where you lay, you can see that there are pointed ends of clear quartz which point down at your body.
9. Immediately you can begin to feel the energy from these crystals beaming down into you.
10. You feel a warm and tingly feeling in your body and as you look closely, you can see the colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet shining down into you.
11. Red light enters your body and you feel safe and secure.
12. Orange enters your body and you feel creative and able to make good decisions.
13. Yellow enters your body and you feel confident, powerful and accepting of yourself.
14. Green enters your body and you feel loving, lovable and loved.
15. Blue enters your body and you feel honest and truthful in your communication.
16. Indigo enters your body and you feel imaginative, clear minded and intelligent.
17. Violet enters your body and you feel understanding of and connected to the world within you and all around you.
18. Take your time to enjoy this rainbow which is pouring into you from the crystals of this cave.
19. When you feel that you are ready to return, thank your Angel friend for bringing you here and you exit the cave feeling refreshed and renewed.
20. Begin to wiggle your fingers, your toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
21. Write down your experiences in your journal or diary. 

Each of you is made up of light. Light is seen as the rays of colour that appear in our everyday lives. Sometimes we see these colours and sometimes we don’t. The rainbows that are a part of you represent the special light that shines through you that gives you the energy to do all the wonderful things in your life. Taking care of this magnificent light energy that flows through you enables you to be clearer in your thinking, be more active physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and it affects how connected you are to yourself and others. All light is made up of different wavelengths and these all represent different beams and colours that affect you in different ways. Have you ever thought about how the different colours you see and wear affect the ways that you act, feel and respond to everyday life?

Take some time to look at the different colours of the rainbow and think about how they make you feel. Draw yourself and use different colours to express yourself. There might be a happy and a sad feeling connected to each colour and whether it looks dull or vibrant. When you know how to identify how you are feeling with a colour, you can simply imagine the happy feeling colour of this tone or shade to flow through you to help you feel better. For example;


Red – Dull red may show anger and frustration but when bright, it may show warmth and satisfaction.
Orange - Dull orange may represent being jealous or indecisive, while when bright, it may show creativity and freedom.
Yellow - A dull yellow may make you feel guilty or feel bad about yourself, while a rich yellow may show that you feel good and happy about being who you are.
Green - Pale green may lead you to feel unable to express your emotions or love yourself, while a vibrant green may help you feel love in yourself and everyone around you.
Blue - Faded blue may represent dishonesty and being afraid to express yourself, while a deep blue may show you clear, open and honest communication.
Indigo - Indigo that is dull may feel like you are thinking too much, while vibrant Indigo may show you clarity in your thoughts and imagination.
Violet – Pale Violet may be linked to feeling like you can’t understand the world within or around you, while a rich Violet may be linked to a sense of connection to everything.

Each day, spend some time closing your eyes and asking your angels and special friends to send a rich, colourful rainbow pouring throughout your body and you’ll feel a lot better.

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