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Mirror of Life

1. Find a place to relax where you can sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out deeply.
3. Begin to imagine that in front of you there is a big mirror.
4. As you look into this mirror, you can see yourself from head to toe.
5. Standing before you, is a reflection of yourself. Take this opportunity to talk to this reflection of you and tell them how special they are.
6. Think of all the wonderful things that you do for yourself and think of all the beautiful and special qualities which make you who you are.
7. Every time that you have something to say to this reflection of you, you feel as if the words bounce off the mirror and return to you.
8. With every positive word that you say to yourself, you feel yourself glowing on the inside and your smile grows.
9. With this growing feeling building inside of you, we would also like to remind you that when you treat yourself well, life and all those who come into it, will also treat you well.
10. Imagine someone who is in your life. Think of the first person that comes to mind and they will appear in this mirror.
11. Look at this friend of yours, whether they be a person, an animal, plant, tree or being which is unique and special to you.
12. Think of something nice which you would like to say to them and tell them how special they are.
13. As you talk into this mirror, you find that these words are also bouncing off them and into you.
14. This feeling also grows within you and you recognise that the way that you feel about and treat everyone is a reflection of yourself.
15. With all of the good things that you say to yourself, you find them growing inside of you, just as you do with those whom you come into contact with each day.
16. You thank yourself and your friends for coming to you today for reminding you of this wonderful truth.
17. Imagine yourself being surrounded in a pink bubble of energy and light.
18. Take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
19. Write down your experiences in your journal.

Everything that you experience in your world is a reflection of what you’ve sent out and what you see in yourself. Think about the ways that you speak to others as the way that you speak to yourself. When you think about yourself as being a part within everyone around you, it really goes to show you how important it is to watch what you say and do to others because it all comes back to you. If someone says something unpleasant to you, there is no need to take it personally and get upset because it just goes to show what is going on inside of the person saying such a thing to you. When you are able to look at the world in this way, your experiences of the world will change directly, because it changes the way that you choose to look at life itself.

When you talk to yourself or talk about yourself, it just mirrors what you want brought to you. Think about the ways that you think about yourself, and look into a physical mirror when you say or think these things. You don’t ever have to feel like you have to compete with someone or compare yourself to them, just because you think you can’t do something. Remember that you can achieve absolutely anything, because every experience is there for you to learn and grow from.


Think about the ways in which you experience life as a direct reflection of what you wish to achieve. If you focus only on thinking about how much better someone is than you are, you are not focusing on yourself, but you are focusing on what you haven’t learnt yet. Remember to appreciate yourself for all that you have and all that you can do. Life is about learning to look within yourself and learning to bring this to the surface and create all of the things you could ever possibly want to imagine.

Reflection is also about going within. While a lot of the time spent in your days may be at school or home, listening to someone, it’s also important for you to be able to listen to yourself and communicate with yourself. This is very important because it is practising the art of getting in touch with yourself. It can be quite easy to respond to others, but think about how necessary it is to check in with yourself and see what you really need, and how you really feel.

Consider the time that you spend doing all the other things in your busy lives and consider the time that you spend alone. Go back through your day, thinking about things such as what you found most interesting, what you need to let go of, and what you learnt.

Say to yourself -“life mirrors back to me the experiences that reflect all that I say, think, and do about myself. As I look within, I find myself and I find what is best for me.”

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