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Responsibilities Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Responsibilities are a special part of growing up and experiencing the world. Responsibilities are about the things that you have a duty to take care of. There can be all different kinds of responsibilities in your life right now. You are responsible for things such as your life, your thinking, homework and school, your environment and the list can go on and on.


Today it’s a good time to think about what you are responsible for in your life. Perhaps it is a time for you to reconnect with these responsibilities. Maybe there is something you are supposed to look after which you haven’t given as much attention as you would have liked to in recent times. There could be something that you’ve started but you have not yet finished that needs to be done. You might have forgotten about one of your responsibilities this week because of a change in plans and maybe it’s a good idea to sort it out.

There are all sorts of things to take care of in your everyday lives. Think about the different areas in which you play your special role, remembering that your responsibilities provide those around you with a lot of joy and blessings. Each and every one of you does things, which lead to a greater and bigger picture.


Sometimes you or others might not realise how important these responsibilities really are. Today is a time to think about what your responsibilities are and give thanks to yourself and those around you for doing these wonderful things that share the magic of helping one another and helping one’s Self.

Whether you live here or there, whether you are part of one group or another, every person, every place, has their own unique responsibilities. These are the things that provide a sense of purpose in everyday life. It is through responsibilities that you connect with the things that really make your heart sing.


With what might seem like a chore around the house, think about how you bless your household with your help. When you think about your homework, think about the skills you learn and how you can demonstrate these outside of the classroom. Rather than thinking of picking up rubbish in the playground or park as dirty work, think about how much this helps the environment. These are just some examples of the ways that responsibilities give each of you the power to make a difference in your own lives and in those around you.

Your angels and special friends love to help you. Just as they have a responsibility to look out for you, your responsibility is to talk to them and thank them. Ask them to help you with your responsibilities in life and share the wonderful gifts that you have with the world. 

Appreciating the Responsibilities of Your Life and Others

1. Find a place where you can sit quietly and comfortably with a notepad.
2. Begin to breathe in and out nice and deeply, relaxing as you do so.
3. After five deep breaths in and out, open your notepad to a new page.
4. Take a moment to write down 5 responsibilities that you have in your life. These could be like special jobs that you do at home or school, for example, helping the teacher, reading with a buddy, helping to collect books, cleaning your room, minding a younger brother or sister and helping your parents in the kitchen.
5. When you have written down these five responsibilities, think about who benefits from these and write them next to your responsibilities.
6. Think about how your efforts help, inspire and teach some of the different people and settings in your life.
7. Write a sentence or paragraph to describe how this makes you feel.
8. Think of a family member or other person in your life whom you are close to, and use a different colour to write down five of their responsibilities.
9. Think of who their responsibilities benefit and how. Write down how their role in your life makes you feel.
10. When you have finished your writing, find somewhere to put your notepad aside and close your eyes.
11. Imagine your responsibilities as different coloured lights that shine out from you.
12. In your mind, see each of these coloured lights touching different people in your lives. Your coloured lights are shared with these people.
13. Look at these people and notice how they each have their own set of images of responsibilities and colours, which are unique to them.
14. These colours shine and they are shared with you.
15. With all these colours being shared, it looks like there is one big colourful web connecting each person, showing you how important every person is to each other.
16. Hold both your hands on your heart and say out aloud or in your mind, a big 'thank you' to all the people in your life who help you and all the people that you help.
17. Being able to help others and share responsibilities means that you trust others and they trust you to do the very best each of you can.
18. Take your time to say your thank you to the different people in your life. Return by gently wiggling your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
19. Write down your experiences in your journal.