Sacredness Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle
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Sacredness Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Everything is sacred, meaning that everything is special and needs to be treated that way. You are sacred, as is your body, home, breath, family, room and personal belongings, just to name a few things. Thinking about the sacred nature of everything that is in your life, remember to treat it with great care and respect.


Show your appreciation for the things that are in your lives, knowing that each thing serves its own purpose and is of great worth to you in one way or another. The sacred nature of things gives you the responsibility to treat it and regard it in the highest of all ways, meaning that what you experience in the world through the different things that you interact with have a very special meaning.

Think about your life, and think about how you treat yourself and the things around you. Think about how these things may be special to you, or if you feel that you have lost connection with something or someone, think about what it means to you to have it in your life. When you consider the sacredness of what is currently in your life, you are given the opportunity to look at everything from a perspective that sees the best in each and all.


Maybe the special feeling you get from your room is that sense of peace and quiet. Or the sacredness of helping to set the dinner table each night gives you a sense of purpose, as well as helps you to express your creative and decorative skills around the home. Perhaps the connection you have with a family member is sacred because of the time that you spend together and the special things that you do.

There is something important and sacred about each thing. Sometimes it is easier to want something that you think you don’t have, by looking away from what is already within you or in front of you. Sacredness is about remembering to appreciate what you’ve already got, and this gives you the power to do more with what is currently there. This is a powerful act of noticing and recognising the value behind all that comes to you into your life.


Whether it be the sacredness in a time, a place, an object or a task, there is an even more important feeling and message from everything. Sacredness is about understanding the purpose of the things that are in front of you, happening to you, or the things that you do. Look deeper beneath the surface of the world you live in and seek out the sacred within and around you.

Cleansing and Illuminating Your Sacred Cave

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit or lie and close your eyes.
2. Breathe in deeply and breathe out deeply and relax your mind and your muscles.
3. Call your angels to your side and begin to imagine that you are standing at the entrance to a cave.
4. Standing at this entrance, you recognise that this is no ordinary cave but it is your special cave that looks exactly like your body.
5. The entrance where you stand is at the top of your head and you can see your hair and a spinning circle which glows a bright gold, violet or white colour.
6. Before entering this cave, your angel gives you a magical torch and a vacuum cleaner.
7. The vacuum cleaner is used to clean the energy in here while the torch is used to recharge and set in new energy in here.
8. You turn them both on and you enter your cave body through the spinning coloured circle.
9. As you enter, you shine your torch and your vacuum sucks up any dust, fog or litter.
10. You walk down through your forehead and face, into both of your cheeks, chin and into your neck.
11. Pay attention to what your cave looks like and let your imagination unfold.
12. Continue to walk, shine and vacuum down into your both of your shoulders, arms, wrists and fingertips. Notice how your body feels as you are travelling through. You may feel cool, fuzzy, tingly or warm.
14. Make your way down into your chest and belly, vacuuming around your organs and go down into your hips and taking time to go down into each leg, knee, foot and toe.
15. When you have finished travelling through your body, you go back the way you came until you exit through the spinning circle.
16. You thank your angels for their help today and you return to the place where you are sitting or lying.
17. As you take a deep breath and open your eyes, think about your experience you just had. Which areas did you travel to that needed a lot of cleaning? Write this down in your journal as this can give you an idea of what may need your attention in your everyday life.
18. Completing this exercise regularly will strengthen your relationship between your body, mind and spirit.