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Strength Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Strength Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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You have the strength and the power to make a difference in your life right now. Just because something appears one way, that does not mean it absolutely has to be that way. Strength is about recognising your power, and knowing that you are the one that makes your choices. As you make your choices, you are the one with the courage to experience your life in the ways that you intend it to be.


Strength reflects on the magnificence within you and the strength and support of those around you too. Think about your strength as the thing that gives you the inspiration to go ahead with your days and look forward to looking within and around you.

Know that you have the strength to carry on or to make a change in your current life if something is bothering you. Sometimes it might feel safer to stay comfortable where you are, and not speak up or just go along with the wishes of someone else. You are the one in control of you, and you are the one who is affected by your own feelings and experiences.


Strength is about you reflecting on yourself, and reflecting on the things that provide you with a sense of determination. Think of your strength and courage as sources of protection for what you hold close to your heart. Think of strength as what holds you up and supports you, like the legs or foundations of a building. Reflect on this as if it were like a framework for everything that you hold close and dear to you. Strength is like the pillar that supports your experience of the world you live in.

Your angels and special friends are here to support you and give you strength too. Simply asking them to give you the strength and courage to go through with something in your life is enough to move mountains and hold your head up to the sky. Talk to your angels, and ask them to show you what things might be worrying you. Sometimes it’s through working through the things that challenge you that help you to get an idea and a better understanding of who you are and what you truly believe in.


The different things that you experience each serve to teach you a lesson, and it’s through the things that might seem challenging at first, that are the most rewarding. Experiencing and experimenting through life builds strength through presenting you with opportunities to grow within yourself and the world. You are brave. You are strong. Your angels and special friends have been with you all the time and have known this about you all along. 

Finding Your Own Strength

1. Find a place to relax where you can sit or lie quietly and comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and start to breathe in and out deeply.
3. As you breathe deeply, start to relax your muscles more and focus your attention on the centre of your stomach area.
4. This is your Solar Plexus Chakra and it connects you with your sense of Self and your strength, vitality and presence in your everyday life.
5. Place your hands there and notice it beating as you start to connect with it.
6. Imagine a golden yellow light coming down through the Universe, passing through the stars and planets, into the Earth's atmosphere, the sky above you and into your head, neck, shoulders and arms, and entering into your Solar Plexus Chakra.
7. See, feel and imagine the energy moving and imagine it going into this Chakra.
8. Ask yourself the following question- "in what ways do I feel strong in my life?"
9. Pay attention to what comes to you in what you feel, hear and think.
10. Take your time to go through some of these experiences of being strong.
11. With all these things that show up, they form golden yellow bubbles which enter and fill the space around you.
12. The energy from these moments of strength in your life form these bubbles which now surround and wrap you.
13. Inside this bubble, you feel your own strength and you feel confident, secure and powerful.
14. You can take this bubble with you wherever you go and each time you imagine this bubble, it will be like your very own personal confidence booster that you can call upon at any time.
15. Each time you experience something that makes you feel confident, you glow and add to the strength and power that you have inside of you.
16. When you are ready, you begin to return to your physical surroundings and you start to wiggle your fingers and toes.
17. Take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.
18. Write down your experiences into your journal to help you connect with this next time. 

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