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Blessings Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Blessings Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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A blessing can be anything positive in the world that can come from you or come to you. Some examples of blessings include the smile on your face, helping one another, a happy feeling, a great opportunity, and so on. When we talk about blessings, we would like to remind you about the special things in your life right now that make things so wonderful and magical.


Blessings can also be in disguise, and it can take us by surpise. Sometimes we may not even notice the blessings that are in front of us because we think a lot about how we want something to appear before us. In everything that comes to you in your day is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy and share the love that is within you and all around you. 


For example, it might be raining when you get to school and it is too wet to go to your school sport, but then you have a fabulous art class and take home a beautiful creation. Or you might have missed out on attending a school camp or excursion, but then maybe you had the opportunity to spend time with a family member or friend who hadn’t visited you in a long time. Or you may have missed the school bus one day, only to be seen by your next-door neighbour who offers to drive you to school. The possibilities are unlimited!

So there is goodness in everything and there is plenty to go around. When you think about blessings, the more beautiful things that you can send out in your day, the more that will be returned to you, because you will know what blessings are all about.


Call upon your special friends to help you notice the blessings in everything. Instead of rushing around and getting upset when things don’t work out the way you expect them to, have a think about what other opportunities are available to you.


To help with your blessings you can say some of these things;

- “I notice the greatness that is in each and every situation.”

- “As I give my blessings, it opens me up to receive blessings.”

- “Blessings are around every corner and something good awaits me every day.”

Connecting with Your Blessings

1. Find a nice quiet place where you can close your eyes and sit or lie quietly and breathe deeply.

2.     Imagine that you are gently taking a step out of a clear bubble and you are able to travel backwards to another point in time. 

3.    Hold the intention to visit another time in your life where you felt blessed by doing something good or receiving something that made you feel nice.

4.    Allow yourself to imagine this past event, getting a sense of the images playing in your mind. 

5.    Imagine how you felt on this occasion and if there were any other people involved, imagine how they felt too.

6.    With these beautiful memories in your mind now, imagine that a bright yellow bubble is starting to form in front of you. 

7.    This bubble contains your memories of these blessings and you begin to enter inside of it.

8.    Being inside of this bubble, you feel uplifted, happy and safe, knowing that life can bring you all sorts of wonderful experiences.

8.    Enjoy the feelings of being in this yellow bubble, knowing that you can return at any time to be reminded of what uplifts you in life.

9.    Say to yourself –“life is full of blessings and there is always something beautiful and pleasant to enjoy in my life” and take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.

10.    To help you connect with this exercise for next time, write down 3 things that you felt blessed by at the end of each day.

11.     Write down your experiences in your journal.

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