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Trust Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Trusting is about accepting and it is the building block of everything. Before you make any decisions, you need to trust yourself. When you form friendships and relationships with people, your angels and your special friends, you need to trust each other. Trusting is about letting go of fear and coming from a place of love that knows no reason to hold anything against yourself or others. Trust is about being welcoming.


In order to trust others and the things that you bring into your life, you really need to trust yourself. Trust that what you are doing is your best and that you are doing all that you can. Trusting is also about letting go and releasing any worries, doubts, or concerns, because it is about knowing that all is well and will continue to be.

When you ask for something either from yourself or others, you need to trust that everything will happen the way that it needs to. Have faith in yourself and others, knowing that what happens will be taken care of by the magical ways that the Universe works. You and others become involved in a shared creative process, and what comes with it, is the opportunity to do your share whilst also recognising the moments that you are given to work with what you’ve got and to learn from what is before you.


Through trust, you also learn to develop patience, because it is through trust that you are taught to do what you need to, and do what you can, and wait for a response or another opportunity to come to you. Some things come to you quickly while at other times you may need to wait longer, however, when you have trust involved in the situation, it makes it so much easier to be patient, because all your worries are taken away. You already know that what you’re working for will come to you in the perfect timing.

At times it might feel like you need to keep checking up on things to see how they’re going, but a part of trust is also just not worrying, because worrying about something takes you further away from peace at truth. Whenever you feel that you may be having difficulty trusting yourself or others and the way that things are coming about to you, ask in your angels and special friends for assistance. They can help you to keep faithful and help you learn to be able to trust yourself in your efforts and to trust the guidance from others too.

Say to yourself – “I trust myself and I know that everything is taken care of as it needs to be. I ask for help and I gratefully accept the guidance that I am given. I listen, I trust.”

Letting go and Trusting Yourself and Life

1. Find a place to sit or lie quietly and comfortably.

2. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

3. Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a pool of water.

4. You put your hand into the water to test it and It feels cool and you can see that this water is the perfect depth that you are comfortable with.  Your feet can touch the bottom and it gets deeper as you look into the distance.

5. You look around to see a ladder leading up to a higher block that is used for jumping off into the water. 

6. Once you have finished climbing up and you look down, you might feel uncomfortable at first, thinking about being higher and jumping into the water.

7. Thinking about this, will the water still be there after you have jumped? Will you have somewhere to land? 

8. Having this realisation in your mind, you know that you are safe to jump into the water from where you stand. 

9. You land in the pool of water and you feel relaxed with a feeling of safety and certainty.

10. Exiting the pool of water, you decide to try a climbing up and jumping from a higher block.

11. As you climb to the top and look at the bottom, it's perfectly normal to experience similar unsettled feelings to before. 

12. Ask yourself, "Do I trust myself?" "Do I trust this water to catch me?"

13. Remembering that the water will still be there, you feel calm and relaxed as to you jump into the water.

14. You land and splash more confidently this time and you decide to try this one more time.

15. Exiting the pool of water, think of a situation in your life, for example, you could be wishing to try something new like joining a new club, making new friends or going to a new school or town. 

16. Climb up the ladder, thinking of your situation and look into the water below you. 

17. Ask yourself, "Do I trust that the water will still be there?" "Do I trust myself?"

18. Listen to your feelings and what they say. When you trust the water and you trust yourself, you can take your leap of faith and jump into the water. 

19. Relax in the pool, knowing that every time that you do this in your mind and physically, you build your confidence, courage and trust in yourself and the different situations that life presents to you.

20. You can repeat this exercise whenever you want to feel more of, or celebrate your confidence.

21. Wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.

22. Write down your experiences in your journal.