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Unique Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Unique Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Each and every one of you is unique and special in your own way. Being unique is being yourself. Whilst many may think that it is simply normal to act, think, and be the same as others, in actual fact, it takes a lot more effort and is sometimes unnatural for some to be something that they are not. When you are being unique, you are being true to yourself. Not everyone has to look a certain way, or wear certain clothes. People are allowed to express themselves differently, as there are no rules about it.

Being unique is about walking in your feet, being who you are, without worrying what others think about you or have to say about you. When you know how special you truly are, you simply shine in the most magnificent of ways.

Everyone has their own special qualities that make them who they are and that make them stand out from everyone else. Do you think the world would be interesting if everyone was exactly the same? Think about this, and think about the ways which you live and lead your life. Rather than thinking about what is ‘normal’, as defined or labelled by someone else, think about what is normal to you.


You have nothing to hide about yourself, for your angels and special friends would like to remind you, that these are parts of you that are so wonderful that the world would just love you to share it. Being unique is about acknowledging yourself and accepting yourself for who you really are. It’s not about living up to anyone else’s expectations but your own.

Your talents and gifts make you who you are, and they are what make you different, and one of a kind. No two people are exactly the same in any area of their lives and it is through the different ways that you express yourselves that you are able to share, grow, learn and teach others and the world.

You walk through your feet, and you see through your eyes. What one might think about you is only based on their opinion and this doesn’t always have to be true. Accept, know, and trust yourself and the things that make you, you.

Your angels and special friends encourage you to be yourself, because when you be yourself, everything that happens to you, is natural and is the way that it is meant to be. Remember not to bend yourself out of shape to try and fit something different that doesn’t feel right to you. Celebrate yourself, for you are truly a miracle on Earth.

Illustrating Your Unique Self

1. Find a place where you can sit quietly, relax and breathe in and out deeply.
2. Take a sheet of new paper and draw an outline of a person which is going to represent you.
3. Draw this person from head to toe, large enough to take up the whole page.
4. After outlining this person, take your time to write down some nice words to describe yourself.
5. For each word that you have written, use a different coloured pencil or crayon and draw a bubble around each word and colour it in.
6. Think of more words which you can use to describe what you enjoy and think is important in life.
7. Choose some different colours to draw and colour bubbles around the words you have written.
8. Have a think about some of the things that inspire you and write them inside your person.
9. Choose more different colours and continue to colour them in.
10. If you can think of any other words to write in about yourself or your life, you can write these in and colour around them.
11. When you have finished writing about yourself and illustrating your unique self, have a look at what you have just done.
12. Read over the things you have written, any patterns in colour, as well as the texture of your shading and notice how it feels to explore the things that make you who you are.
13. Keep this picture that you have drawn and repeat this exercise every 6 months to recognise how you grow and change.

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