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Wish Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Wish Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Make a wish and it will come true! Know that the words you speak are like wishes that bring to you, the things that you say you want in your life. Think about the words that you use in your days very carefully. What you say and think is a wish that creates your life experiences because every thought and every word is energy sent out into the universe that is matched with a return that meets what you ask for.


If everything that you say or think is a wish, then next time you notice yourself worrying about something or thinking in an unpleasant way, change your thinking and you will change your focus on what comes into your life.

Whenever someone complains, that is simply a wish for attracting whatever it is that they are complaining about. So rather than feeling helpless and complaining about something, change your thinking as if you know what you’d rather have in your life and wish for it. State it in the present tense, rather than saying it in a way that keeps it out in the future.

For example, you might be feeling unwell one day and you might get angry at yourself for being sick and missing your sports game. This kind of thinking is only wishing for things that keep you feeling upset. What you could do instead, is to wish for better health. “I have perfect health now. I feel great about myself all the time.”

Think about the ways in which you talk to yourself and think about the ways in which you talk about yourself. Focus your wishful thinking on what you really want rather than what you don’t want. Imagine that your thoughts and wishes are like magical arrows that you send out into the world. Your angels and special friends catch them and send you back something that you’ve asked for. Because your angels and special friends love you so much, they are going to give you whatever you ask for, as they’re not here to ask questions about your wishes. When you understand this, it makes it a lot easier and more peaceful to live a life that is calm and serene, because you know that your life is created by your choice in thinking.

Sometimes those around you might forget this and even though they might say things to you to try and discourage you from making your wishes, know that the things they say about you, doesn’t have to be true unless you believe it to be so. Whatever is true for someone else may be for them, but certainly is up to you and what you wish for. Remember your magical abilities to create the life that you live in. Be free and be open to the magic that is within you. 

Wishing With a Unicorn

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes.
2. Begin to relax your muscles and mind and breathe in and out deeply.
3. Imagine that you are walking in a field of beautiful green grass.
4. The grass feels cool and soothing and you feel more relaxed with every step on this grass.
5. A Unicorn appears in front of you and it glowing very brightly.
6. This is your own special Unicorn who has come to you today to introduce itself.
7. With this Unicorn in front of you, notice its size, colour and horn and as you reach out to touch the Unicorn, pay attention to how it feels.
8. You ask your Unicorn for its name and the first name that comes to your mind will be its name.
9. Your Unicorn bows down in front of you and invites you to think about something that you would like to wish for that would be helpful to you and your world.
10. Take your time to think of this wish and imagine this wish as a picture in your mind.
11. Focus on your wish and imagine how it feels, looks and sounds.
12. When you are ready, you bring your forehead to touch the tip of your Unicorn’s horn.
13. You feel a movement or a pressing feeling in your forehead as it is touching with the Unicorn horn as your wish is being sent to your Unicorn.
14. Gently, you step back and the Unicorn horn glows and sends a beam of White light up into the sky.
15. This light travels very far up into the sky and you see it touching and entering a star.
16. Your wish has been sent into the Universe and now it’s your turn to let go of it and believe in the magic that you have helped to create.
17. From now on, your Unicorn will communicate messages to you about your wish.
18. These may come to you in the form of sudden surprising feelings, ideas and thoughts, which will be important for you to recognise, write down and act upon to help you with your wish.
19. You thank your Unicorn for coming to you today and you know that they will be close by to help you. You can call upon them at any time.
20. Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
21. Write down your wish in your diary and keep an open mind.

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