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Write about your thoughts and feelings! Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax and just allow yourself to write. Let the words flow freely and enjoy the creative process. When you sit and relax and connect with your angels and special friends, you might get certain feelings, messages, or thoughts. Writing in a quiet place is a great way to keep a record of these experiences and they are important for you to be able to look back at and reflect on.


Writing is a connection between you and your peaceful self. When you engage in writing, you are engaging yourself in an activity that not only allows you to express yourself at the deepest level, but it also allows you to practise talking to yourself through the written word.

Writing is a fantastic way to ask yourself questions that you might not really know the answers to. Sometimes you might have an idea pop into your mind, but you might not know how to describe it to someone else. So what you can do in this instance, is to write down the question, or to write down some key words and while keeping your pen close to the paper, just write whenever you feel the urge to. Through writing you are given wonderful opportunities to communicate with yourself, and your angels and special friends.

Keeping a diary or a special book that you can write and read later is like keeping conversations with your best, most trusted friend. The things that you write could represent the things that you might ask or wonder about, while when you write you are coming from a place that is creative and is able to let the imagination and the soul express itself.


Through writing you connect with a deeper sense of your mind, because it engages you and inspires you to let the words come out without your judgement or anyone else’s. A special writing book is just what helps you to develop that confidence in dealing with the things that you might feel are too personal to share with others or to work through with others.

Ask your angels and special friends to come to your side when you write. They can whisper words to you to write. When you feel those sudden moments that you just need to write things down, it’s your angels and special friends talking to you, giving you that inspiration to express yourself. You might like to set aside a special time each day or whenever you feel you’ve got some very important questions to ask. It will assist you in facing the world within and all around you. 

Writing With Your Angels

1. Find a place where you can sit and relax quietly and comfortably with a pen and a notebook.

2. Close your eyes and breathe in and out nice and deeply.

3. Imagine calling one of your Angels to your side.

4. Picture them in your mind, see what they look like and notice if you feel them around you.

5. Take your time to welcome your Angels and enjoy them coming to you.

6. Ask them out aloud or in your mind, to help you with your writing today.

7. Open your eyes as you open your notebook and pick up your pen.

8. Breathe in and out deeply as you focus on a question that you would like to write for your Angel to help you with.

9. Hold your pen close to your notebook and relax as you read your question that you have written in your notebook.

10. Continue breathing deeply and relaxing and when you feel like your have something to write, you can start writing.

11. Write as much as you feel like without stopping to check or read over what you are writing.

12. The words that come out are like water so take your time to allow them to come out onto the page.

13. When you feel that you have written all that you can write today, stop, give your hand a rest and thank your Angel for coming to help you with your writing today.

14. Take a deep breath, wiggle your fingers and your toes and read over what you have just written with your Angel.

15. Practice writing with your Angels regularly to improve your skill in writing in this way to help you answer any questions that come to mind during your days.