Celebration Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Celebration Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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It’s time to celebrate! When you celebrate, you are free to have a good time and free to simply enjoy everything as it already is. Every day is a new celebration, for many good things come to you. A celebration might be the result of some good news, or it can simply be waking up, knowing that something good is going to happen to you. If you’ve drawn this card, it’s a reminder that today is a beautiful day and it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, if your plans have changed or if you’ve forgotten to take your homework to school, because without any doubt, it is such an amazing experience to be here on this Earth.

When you are feeling great about yourself and life, celebrating yourself and the wonderful things before you, they make themselves more present and available to you, because they like to take part too. When it’s time to celebrate, the angels, faeries, mermaids, and unicorns love to join you. As you feel better about yourself and your world, it makes you more available to be open to the magic that surrounds you in every way.

Celebrating is about connecting with you and your friends and families. It’s about sharing, and it’s also about having a go and having fun. As you do so, you reconnect with a part of you that sees everything as special and that’s the truth, because everything indeed, has its own special qualities that make it worth singing and dancing for joy over.

When you wake up in the morning, spend some time thinking about what you’d like to celebrate today. It might be celebrating going to school to see your friends, or it might be celebrating a nice relaxing day at home. It could even be celebrating the special time that you have to spend with your family. It can be absolutely anything!

Examples of what you could say to help you think about celebrating the things in your day could include;
- “Celebrating the things that are special to me is my way of appreciating all that I am and all that I have.”
-  “Each day brings new surprises which I am excited about.”
- “I treat every moment as a celebration, because I enjoy life.”

Celebrating Life

1.     Find a place where you can close your eyes, breathe deeply and sit or lie quietly.

2.    Imagine yourself sitting in a small field of grass and trees. You can feel the blades of grass on your hands and your feet and you feel nice and relaxed.

3.    In your mind, you begin to notice a small group of faeries and elves singing and dancing, like they are having a party.

4.    They come closer to you, forming a circle around you and they are so excited to be with you.

5.    It looks like this is a party that they are having for you. The faeries and elves point to the sky and you can see stars in the clear night sky.

6.    In the stars, you begin to see images of you forming. These images show different areas of your life which are a celebration of their own.

7.    Take your time to notice these in the starry night sky, noticing what makes you feel like a star.

8.    As more images appear in the stars, the faeries and elves are becoming more and more excited. You are the star of the show!

9.     Each of these stars shine down upon you and it feels like magical silver starlight is being shone down into your body. 

10.    You absorb this beautiful starlight and you feel excited about who you are and what awaits you.

11.    When you feel that you have been shown everything there is for the day, thank the faeries and the elves for celebrating this party with you today.

12.    You can return to this place any time you wish through your imagination because these faeries and elves are always ready to celebrate who you are and what your life holds.

13.     When you are ready, you can take a nice deep breath and gently open your eyes.

14.    Write down any thoughts, feelings or experiences that came to you during this exercise.