Diamond Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Diamond Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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A diamond is one of the most beautiful minerals on this Earth, glowing a shine of pure white. It is the hardest mineral on the planet and its hardness makes it very difficult to scratch or to leave marks on. You shine in ways that make you beautiful no matter what. Through whatever things seem to challenge you in life, you are always able to come out victorious, without any scratches and stronger than ever before.

When we refer to children as diamonds, we are referring to their experiences in life that give them strength and build courage and character. It is the things that you go through in life that teach you important lessons, which you can share with those in your world. There is always a deeper meaning and reasoning behind it. If you think about yourself as a diamond, whatever you think challenges you, is simply an invitation to look at life from another angle. This offers you a chance to appreciate what you have in front of you in your life in different ways.

Say for example, you have an argument with a friend. This does not make you or the other person a bad person on the inside or the outside, it just means that you both have some things within yourself that you need to think about. Perhaps it’s the way you’ve spoken to each other or perhaps it’s the way that you’ve responded or acted. Thinking about yourself as a diamond, you are shown your strengths and the things that you need to work on to grow and transform to help yourself and to in turn, help others. 

If you have drawn this card today, it is simply a reminder about looking within yourself and remembering that purity is what creates innocence. Innocence is what creates an open heart. An open heart is what creates a welcoming to all of the wonderful things that life has to offer. Remember how powerful you truly are, and remember that you have so much potential to shine in ways you may already know of, or in ways that you have yet to discover. Like a diamond in the sky, you are a star dear friend - a friend who is magnificent in every way and unharmed and unmoved by the things which settle in the calm of the peaceful breeze. 

Shining Like a Diamond

1. Find a nice quiet place where you can sit or lay comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out slowly and deeply.
3. Imagine that you are looking at your body, taking note of yourself from head to toe.
5. Focus your attention on the centre of your heart.
6. It begins to glow, a shiny, shimmering, bright white light.
7. You can feel your heart beating and you can see that this white light is getting brighter and brighter.
8. As this light becomes brighter, imagine that this white light spreads from your heart and travels all throughout your body.
9. You may start to feel a tingly, cool or warm feeling as you imagine this light moving through you.
10. Once this white light has spread throughout your entire body, it begins to expand into the space around your body.
12. The white light forms into a diamond shape around you and you feel very comfortable, loved and safe inside of here.
13. While you are inside of this diamond, you can start to see other people in your life, who also have diamonds around them too. You are all just as beautiful and radiant as each other.
14. You can see that each time you speak to them or do anything with them you can see different beams of coloured light passing through them.
15. Pay attention to which colours stand out to you most today and ask yourself how these colours feel. Do they have a special meaning for you or does a memory come to mind from seeing this colour?
16. These colours show you your strengths and can give you ideas about what can make you a greater person. 
17. When you feel that you have finished for today, take a deep breath, wiggling your fingers and your toes and opening your eyes, knowing that this diamond is a part of your everyday life.
18. Write down any thoughts or feelings that you had while doing this exercise to keep record of how you are shining like a diamond in your life.