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Dream Time

Dream Time Meaning - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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Dream Time Meditation - The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards
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The time that you sleep and dream is one of the best times to have your answers and inspiration comes through to you. Dreamtime is when your thinking mind is asleep and your creative, imaginative mind is fully awake. Dreamtime is a great opportunity for you to look beneath the surface of the things that are going on in your life, to get a better understanding of yourself and the world. It is through your dreamtime that you can connect with your special friends and helpers in amazing ways and it is during your dreamtime where you can see everything and everyone as they are. The term “sleeping on it” is something that is so simple and it makes so much sense.

The time that you spend resting, sleeping, and dreaming, ensures that you are well rested and recharged for the next day ahead of you. The time that you spend sleeping and dreaming, is when you are able to reconnect with yourself at an even deeper level.
When you dream about certain things happening, they do not always mean the things that they mean in real life. They reflect on different things that are much more literal. Think about how you feel when you dream. What emotions come to the surface? What sorts of things do you wake up thinking about after you have had a dream?

As you wake up from your dreams, think about how the things you’ve felt, seen, and experienced relate to you as a person. If you dream about someone else, think about what qualities of that person reach out to you. Dreaming is what you do when you are sleeping peacefully and restfully, and it is a healthy way for you to communicate with your Self and your special friends.

Sometimes your dreams might startle you, but this is nothing scary. If you are worried about these kinds of dreams, please call your angels and special friends to your side to be with you at night. Before going to sleep each night, you could say something like:
- “Dear angels, please help me let go of everything from my day so that all of my dreams are peaceful.”
- “Dear angels, please enter my dreams tonight and give me an answer to my question about  __________ (the topic of your question)”
- “Dear angels, please help me get a restful night’s sleep tonight.”

Practise writing down your dreams after you have had them, because you might read them again later and they’ll make a lot more sense. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

Inviting Angels Into Your Sleep

1. For the best results, you can do this exercise right before you go to sleep in a place where it is quiet and you can relax comfortably.
2. Close your eyes and breathe in and out nice and deeply.
3. Imagine that you are lying on a cloud in the sky and you can see beautiful shiny stars in the sky.
4. Imagine the feeling of this cloud, it is soft and fluffy.
5. You begin to sink into this cloud and all of your muscles, from the tip of your toes right to the top of your head, are nice and relaxed.
6. Spend a moment becoming more aware of this feeling of relaxed muscles.
7. As you breathe deeply, you are feeling more and more relaxed.
8. An angel appears before you and comes towards you. This is your dream angel and they appear to you in whatever way you that is easy for you to recognise them.
9. Your dream angel is holding a torch that glows, a deep purple colour.
10. This purple light is shone into your body and you are free to let go of anything from your day that you no longer need.
11. When you feel that you are finished, your dream angel wraps you in a cocoon of this violet light and you are ready for a peaceful, restful night’s sleep on this cloud.
12. Your dream angel is going to stay with you tonight as you sleep, watching over you, making sure that you are well rested and settled.
13. If you have anything that you would like your dream angel to help you find an answer to, you can ask for this help in the form of a dream. Otherwise, you can sleep well, knowing that you are watched over and completely safe.
14. When you wake in the morning, know whether you remember your dream or not, your dream angel has done their best to help you and the results of your dream will be shown to you in different ways throughout your day.
15. Goodnight, sweet dreams. 

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