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About The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards

The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards are a set of children's Oracle Cards by NathanStar & Izzy Ivy.


Oracle Cards are a set of cards designed with the intention of connecting with a person's subconscious to assist them in accepting, acknowledging and understanding past and present feelings, thoughts and emotions. This can provide a person with insights and inspiration for consciously creating desirable, happy and positive short-term and long-term life experiences.

Each of these cards has its own QR Code which links to a detailed message along with a mindful meditation exercise. The integration of mindfulness and meditation in these cards will allow children to connect with the deeper ideas and themes conveyed in each of the images. We aim to enhance a child’s understanding of their own innate, natural and spiritual gifts, to provide a nurturing and stimulating set of cards to maintain connection with their own inner guidance and to support them establishing solid foundations for trusting and believing in themselves. These cards also provide an opportunity for parents and adults to work together with their children and develop their own intuition and to create a shared, mutual understanding between parents, adults and children.


It is through this project that we envision creating a series of community, home, family and school-friendly resources that can empower adults and children of all ages and backgrounds and to teach them powerful, significant skills for living and leading enriching and inspired lives.

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