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Foreword by BelindaGrace

“I fell in love with the ‘Intuitive Child Oracle Cards’ the moment I saw them! The illustrations are delightful and the accompanying text by NathanStar feels like it comes straight from the heart. Children need tools like this to help them explore their natural intuitive abilities and to help them trust in and develop the guidance and awareness that comes to them so naturally. We owe it to these younger generations to give them the opportunity to stay connected.

NathanStar’s cards are a perfect way to engage children with this miraculous side of their nature and they will also be invaluable for parents as they help their children learn about the subtle, powerful and profound topics covered in this oracle card deck. NathanStar is a truly gifted author and teacher and with many years’ experience as a school teacher himself, communicating clearly and lovingly with children is a talent that he uses to great effect.

Well done NathanStar! Every child and family will enjoy a set of ‘Intuitive Child Oracle Cards’ because they make personal and spiritual development fun for children and adults alike.”

With warm regards,
BelindaGrace, July, 2015.

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