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The Magick Continues!

Hello everyone, it has been a while since we last posted on the blog to our website. We have been quite busy in producing The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards.

As it has been near to a year since the last update, here are some milestones of development for these cards that have taken place:

November 2016: All 44 artworks and back of card artwork completed. You can view all of these in the ' Choose a Card ' section of our website.

January 2017: All artwork messages were written for the website and our instagram account launched.

March 2017: Nathan and Izzy make the decision to independently publish these oracle cards to ensure they maintain the exact vision and portrayal of their intentions behind this collaborative project.

April 2017: Recording begins for the audio of the guidebook and guided meditations.

May 2017: Updates to the website, development of online content for release on final publication of oracle cards and initial design of card layouts commences.

Stay tuned as these cards will be hot off the press soon!

Blessings and love

Nathan and Izzy

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