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Heavenly Harp Inspiration with Bernadette O'Rourke

Back in 2010, I met Bernadette for the first time at Sydney Airport, right before flying to Taree toge​​ther for our Clairvoyant Healing training with BelindaGrace. From the moment we met, we talked about a range of topics related to energy, healing, vibration, frequency and so forth and

Bernadette was the first person that I had been able to have this kind of conversation with in all my 23 years on this Earth. Since our first conversation, I have always held her in high-esteem and have found her to be a very wise, inspiring and influential person in my journey through life.

The sounds produced by and through Bernadette when she plays her harp are entrancing, unique and unlike anything that I had ever heard before. I was so delighted and excited when she agreed to play some pieces of music for the background to the narrated card meanings and guided meditations.

I'd like to share some questions that I asked Bernadette in regards to her journey, her inspiration and the process guiding her musical magic.


Blessings and love,



What inspired you to learn to play the harp? One of my daughters learnt harp for a few years at school. I loved having a precious harp in our house and I secretly wanted to learn to play for myself one day - eventually my wish came true.

Sometimes I practised quietly at a little art gallery. I was intrigued how many people said they felt the music helped them with feelings and stress while they looked at the art. That's when I decided to start studying therapeutic harp and the magic began! What is something fascinating that you have learnt in your studies of therapeutic harp for healing? We all have music memories and music we like or music we don't like. Some new babies can be soothed by hearing heartbeat sounds or tummy gurgling sounds because they heard this all the time they were inside their mothers before they were born. Older people may like to hear music they heard as lullabies when they were children or music they danced to, or heard on the radio when they were young. Sometimes I am asked to play music and the person is unwell and asleep when i go in. Setting a healing intention in my thoughts, can really help me to choose the sounds or music to play for that person. Can you describe the relationship between music and vibration? We are all made of vibration. The vibrations are in complex patterns that work together. Everything is made of vibrating particles - clouds , water, rocks, a pencil, plants, animals, everything.

All these vibrations make a sound, some we can hear, others we cant. Music is a way of projecting sound vibrations., sometimes it is organised and other times it is spontaneous, like sounds in nature. Music can help us feel happy, or sad. It can help us to feel like getting up or to focus on a task or to go to sleep. Music can help us feel proud of our school or football team. Some people are more sensitive to the sound vibrations than others. Some people can hear a different sound for each colour they look at. What kind of process did you go through when writing the music for the audio to The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards? When you asked me to provide the music, I sat with your name and Izzy's name, I thought about meditation and I listened to your voice Nathan. I played around with the harp and picked the notes that felt right. Sometimes they easily formed patterns and other times it took longer for the little tunes to come. So interesting! The hardest part was writing them down accurately so I could remember them. It made me slow down and I didn't want to lose the feel of what I was hearing.

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