27th Aug - 2nd Sept Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view the video of the reading.

This week's cards are 'Write' 'Friendship' and 'Sunshine'. The beginning of the week calls you to get in touch with yourself through writing, to help you form a deeper and stronger relationship with self. The middle of the week encourages you to look at what you value in your friendships and developing your friendships with self and others. Be inspired to improve and inspire in these relationships. The end of the week calls for you to look at what makes you feel empowered in your friendships and where the balance is. What gives your friendships valour and vibrance? Stronger bonds, increased joy and happiness, through stronger relationships with Self and others. Links to Online Content: Write : Friendship : Sunshine : Thanks for tuning in this week! Blessings and love Namaste Nathan and Friends 

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