Sept 3rd - Sept 9th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view the video of this week's reading

This week's cards are 'Fun', 'Nature' and 'Family'. The beginning of the week calls for you to enjoy more play and lighten your energy, while the middle of the week encourages you to spend more time in nature, enjoying the changing weather, as it begins to warm up. Enjoying more play and nature leads you to feel more appreciative of the world you live in and it enhances your ability to connect with all of life around you. The resulting time spent in nature and play leads up to the end of the week where you'll feel more oneness and peace with everything around you as you recognise the presence of spirit and love all around and within you. Family is always around you and within you! Links to this week's online content: Fun

Nature : Family : Have a great week and thanks for tuning in! Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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