September 10th - September 16th Weekly Oracle Reading

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This week's cards are Nature, Follow Your Heart and Sunshine. The beginning of the week encourages you to connect with nature and balancing your exposure to the elements of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. It is also about understanding and balancing the elements and their relation to different aspects of yourself, like grounding and stability (Earth), creativity (Fire), thoughts, knowledge and wisdom (Air) and emotional regulation and flow (Water). Follow your Heart is a call to be authentic and trust in yourself with your week and journey, being present and taking things step by step. Sunshine relates to your exposure to and enjoyment of sunlight and warmth as well as an awakening of your personal power as a result of balancing your life and being authentic and true to yourself and what you wish to achieve. Links to online content: Nature : Follow Your Heart : Sunshine : Thanks for tuning in and have a great week! Blessings and love Nathan and Friends  

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