October 8th - October 14th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view this week's video reading. 

This week's cards are 'Thankyou', 'Reflection' and 'Growth'. The beginning of the week encourages us to look for things to be grateful for, to help create a ripple effect of loving vibrations, situations and experiences in our lives. The middle of the week is a message about understanding and appreciating the nature of the different relationships in our lives, with ourselves and others. The end of the week inspires growth through developing a stronger relationship with all that you are thankful for and all of the relationships in our lives. It is a message about finding new aspects of ourselves through awareness and acceptance of others. Links to online content: Thankyou: www.theintuitivechildoraclecards.com/card39 Reflection: www.theintuitivechildoraclecards.com/card33 Growth: www.theintuitivechildoraclecards.com/card17 Thanks for tuning in. Have a great week. Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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