October 22nd - October 28th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view the video of this week's reading:

This week's cards are 'Blessing', 'Celebration' and 'Follow Your Heart'. The week starts off with encouraging you to look for blessings everywhere in your life, to set the tone for the week ahead and to empower you to start off in an uplifted place of experiencing life. Moving through to the middle of the week, celebrate what is welcomed into your life as a result of you working with the flow of all good things in your life. The end of the week signifies that the lead up to time of the week is based upon living and leading life from a place of love all around and within you. Now that you are vibrating at love, you are in a clearer state of knowing yourself and what you want from life and in life. Thanks for tuning in this week and we wish you all the best. Links to online content; Blessing : Celebration : Follow Your Heart:

Namaste Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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