November 5th-11th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view a video of this week's reading

This week's cards are 'protection', 'reflection' and 'wish'. The beginning of the week is a reminder that you are safe from all harms and fears. It is a message about retraining old patterns of thought, releasing limiting beliefs and moving forward from the past patterns. You are safe and supported as you do so, call upon the violet flame and Archangel Michael to help you with this. The middle of the week is a message about understanding what and who you are moving forward from and why. It looks at the lessons learnt and the purposes for your relationships and those experiences at the time. Lastly we end with wish, empowering you to set clear intentions about the road ahead, now that you have paved the way and have a better understanding about yourself. Links to online content: Protection : Reflection : Wish : Thanks for tuning in this week! Namaste Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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