November 12th - November 18th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view a video of this week's reading.

This week's cards are Rainbow, Love and Priorities. The beginning of the week is a calling to understand and know what colours you are being drawn to and the significance of them in your life. It is about boosting your energies through learning more about your Chakras and working with them. Love in the middle of the week is about seeing yourself and the world from a perspective of love. Get to know yourself deeply and fully so that you can learn to trust yourself at your best. Priorities is a calling to be kind to yourself and be happy with what you can achieve in busier times. It is also a message about making your spiritual nurturing and wellbeing at the forefront of your success. Thanks for tuning in this week. Here are some links to the online content: Rainbow : Love : Priorities : Namaste Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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