November 26th - December 2nd Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to watch a video of this week's reading

This week's cards are 'Laughter', 'Strength' and 'Pay Attention'. The beginning of the week is a message about lightening the energy of the end of year process. Laughter makes things more fun and it is a call to enjoy those whom you are spending time with. It is a grounding and centring thing to do which helps you focus on the present moment. Strength in the middle of the week is a call to recognise your own true strength through focusing on being your authentic self. It is about finding strength in the things that you do and recognising your own self-worth. Pay attention at the end of the week is a call to notice life's finer details and the seen and unseen worlds that are speaking to you. Links to online content: Laughter Strength Pay Attention Thanks for tuning in this week. We wish you all the best. Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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