December 3rd - December 9th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view a video of this week's reading.

This week's cards are 'Diamond', 'Fun' and 'Family'. The beginning of the week is a message about resilience, striving for success and resolve and remembering that your Spirit is untouchable- only you have the power to control it and make your choices. Fun in the middle of the week is a message encouraging you to take time out to do things which bring you joy. Take time to play and have fun and it will make your everyday tasks more enjoyable. The end of the week is about remembering your connection to each and all and including others into your fun, into your week so that they feel included and acknowledged. Be welcoming as you are welcomed. Links to online content:

Diamond Fun Family Thanks for tuning in. Have a good week. Namaste Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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