March 11th - March 17th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view a video of this week’s reading :

This week’s cards are ‘Follow Your Heart’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Priorities’ The beginning of the week is a message about tuning into your feelings. How does your body and heart respond to different situations and the things presented to you this week? Listen to the peaceful feelings and vibrations within your heart. The middle of the week is about trusting yourself, your own inner guidance and being oriented with your own power rather than external influences. The end of the week’s message is about prioritising the openings in your life as a result of following your own inner wisdom and guidance. Make yourself a priority and use this as your vehicle to propel through life. It is also a link to the Archangel Metatron, who works with individuals to maintain focus, clarity and getting the job done. Links to online content: Follow your heart : Trust : Priorities : Thanks for tuning in, we wish you all the best. Blessings and love Nathan and Friend’s  

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