March 18th - March 24th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view a video of this week’s reading:  This week’s cards are ‘Unique’, ‘’Pay Attention’ and ‘Growth’. The beginning of the week is a message about starting the week off with your best foot forward. What is it that represents the one and only you? Be true to it. The middle of the week calls you to notice the finer details of your life and perhaps even noticing the finer details of you and bringing them to the surface. Lastly the end of the week is a message about the growth and transformation taking place as you reconnect with your roots and accept all thar you are and have. Links to online content: Unique : Pay Attention: Growth : If you’d like to purchase a set of our oracle cards, please visit our website at Thank you for tuning in, have a great week! Blessings and love, Namaste Nathan and Friends 

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