May 20th - May 26th Weekly Oracle Reading

Click here to view a video of th week’s reading 

This week’s cards are ‘Laughter’, ‘You Are an Angel’ and ‘Strength’. The beginning of the week is a message about the power of laughter, happiness and joy in your life and others’. Build on this and begin the week feeling wonderful and share this with others! The middle of the week is a message about being of service to others and being in the right place at the right time. Strength at the end of the week, declares your strength and growth that comes with being your true self, a loving, lovable and joyous being. Thanks for tuning in this week. Links to online content: Laughter : You are an Angel: Strength : Remember to share this video and tag us in it for your free one card reading inboxed to you. If you’d like to learn more about these cards or purchase them, please visit our website . Follow us on Facebook @ The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards Follow us on Instagram @Intuitivechildoracle Have a great week! Blessings and love Nathan and Friends 

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